User Manual Regarding to SHG Registration

SHG Registration

  1. Fill the full Name of SHG .
  2. Fill the full Address of SHG .
  3. Fill the Number of Members associate with SHG .
  4. Fill the SHG/NIC Code .
  5. Fill the Name Of village.
  6. Select the Name of State .
  7. Select the Name of Division .
  8. Select the Name of District .
  9. Fill the Name Of Tehsil.
  10. Fill the Name Of Village Organization.
  11. Select the Starting/Revive year Of SHG
  12. Regarding previous Participation

  13. If SHG participated in any Exhibition under organized by MORD those Details Should be mention here.
  14. Select the Exhibition were the SHG participated.
  15. Select the total number of times SHG participated in Exhibition .
  16. If SHG select the Other Option.
  17. Fill the Name of Exhibition he participated.
  18. select the number of participation in Exhibition.
  19. Attach all the certificate of every participation.
  20. Regarding Adding Major Products

  21. Fill the Name of 1st product.
  22. Selecrt the Category of 1st product.
  23. Selecrt the Sub-Category of 1st product.
  24. Fill the Name of 2nd product.
  25. Selecrt the Category of 2nd product.
  26. Selecrt the Sub-Category of 3rd product.
  27. Fill the Name of 3rd product.
  28. Selecrt the Category of 3rd product.
  29. Selecrt the Sub-Category of 1st product.
  30. Fill the udyog aadhar number.
  31. If you select "FOOD PRODUCTS OR FOOD COURT" in between any of 3 main product list.FSSAI Registration No. and FSSAI certifacate Document text box will appere.
  32. Fill the FSSAI Registration No.
  33. Upload the FSSAI Certifacate here.
  34. 1st Participant Information

  35. fill Full name of participant.
  36. fill father/hasband name of participant.
  37. fill Mobile no of participant.
  38. fill the designation of participant.
  39. fill the AADHAR/PAN Card No of participant.
  40. fill the amount of load utilized by participant.
  41. upload participant picture.
  42. upload participant Signature.
  43. upfill the AADHAR/PAN Card Document of participant.
  44. 2nd Participant Information

  45. fill Full name of Assistant participant.
  46. fill father/hasband name of participant.
  47. fill Relation with the SHG Member.
  48. fill Mobile no Assistant.
  49. fill the designation Assistant.
  50. fill the AADHAR/PAN Card No.
  51. upload Assistant participant picture.
  52. upload Assistant participant Signature.
  53. fill the AADHAR/PAN Card Document of Assistant participant.
  54. Regarding bank Details

  55. Enter Bank Name.
  56. Enter Branch Name.
  57. Enter Account No.
  58. Enter IFSC No.
  59. Upload Grampanchyat No Objection certifacate(NOC)
  60. Upload udyog aadhar Certifacate